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|| Happy-Tails || Marble Skies by keldeos || Happy-Tails || Marble Skies by keldeos

If anyone's interested in rp'ing with him he's wide open / V \ ~! Im all open for roleplays of any kind!

I refused to sleep or do anything until this was finished soB. I missed the first opening-so thankfully I was on list to try again during this small opening fvdugbd

I hope he gets in ; v ; ~


- - -

[ name ] "Marble Skies" (Shepherd H,)
    His original owner was a free-spirited individual who named most her "beast friends" after nature parts until they were old enough to "name themselves of their own free choice". Shep however...was not that clever when naming himself and used part of his breed name. He still prefers Marble Skies or MS for short.

[ age ] 3 yrs ( 26 Humanlike )
[ gender ] Male
[ height ] 6 feet, 3 inches

[ breed ] Australian Shepherd (Marble)

[ job ] Hobo N/A
    MS is quite the free spirit-often droning on in his soft and airy voice that he could not confine himself to the "establishment" of any job. His job was to let nature take its course with him as a witness. MS spends his days humming in parks strumming his ukelele. He doesnt peddle for money however as he thinks that money is nothing more then "more confinement"...but that doesnt mean he wont take some if offered.

[ partner ] Looking
    About the true reason he came to town. MS came to "fulfill the destiny of beastus caninus" (some scientific word he made up) and find an owner. He truly believes that although he can all but fullfill his destiny as just being a dog, he is not living life to the fullest if he has no partner to "romp the air, earth and spirits with me!" Good luck with that one-he's a slob.

[sexual orientation] Pansexual
    "I love all and any regardless of whom they are. May they be dogs to hamsters!" Free-loving and open to all-he's open to those who share his love of the earth and plaid.

[personality] Easy-Going || Care-Free || Optamisitic || Relaxed || Lazy || Air Headed

At first glance, MS gives off an easy going and mello aura. He truly believes that all should be easy going for life to be easy going. "If you try swimming up the river, you'll just end up dog peddaling in place! Just relax, see where the river takes you...!" He throws caution to the wind-let's his fur down and believes life is just following instincts and listening to the earth. MS even invites anyone close to him with a smooth smile to join in one of his "humming sermons" as he strums along his ukelele or goes to sit in the middle of a park to meditate in slow hymns. Ofcourse all of this makes MS a bit obnoxious-this dog doesnt know space where it's needed. Naive and oblivious to any emotion besides positive, MS has a hard time deciphering signs of aggression or if he's pushing a little too much. He even lays down on people's lawns like nothing unless told otherwise. Explanations like: "You cant do that-it's not yours" doesnt click to MS. His retorts are something along a blank look and "doesnt the earth belong to everyone...? How could it be just yours...?"

Even if you tell him it seems to go through one ear and out the other. His upbringing as a sheltered free-loving "beast spirit" seems to have its kinks. While he may not be aggresive it turns into jolty episodes when he does. As soon as he realizes anger he quickly negates it and gets lost in thought. "There must be some form of negative energy Im adapting too..." MS cant quite believe he can actually be angry.

Slow but surely he'll come to understand that there's boundaries. For now however, he's as free as...well a dog.

[ history ]

"I came from total darkness, made from flesh, fur, and finally the spirit of beasts. If I was borne from earth, I must have a destiny somewhere...!"

MS was borne from a passing stray on what was once a loving ranch far into seclusion. His mother and past owner had no problems with this-having firm beliefs that it was fate that brought such a stranger to give the "gift of life" to her dog partner. MS amongst his brothers and sisters was not her first litter as passing strays were a common thing to their open ranch. It was a place of rest for travelers who happened to stumble by seemingly in the middle of nowhere and were quickly offered shelter as well as their strange and "erotic" beliefs of nature's spirits, freedom, and a song strung by guitar by a fire out in back. His mother believed that making love was nothing short of nature's course and loved all her pups as the days came and went-her age growing weary with this litter.

MS and his siblings were no different. They were taught as soon as they could understand that the earth was a living breathing thing and that they were once nothing brought to life by the "aura's and spirits" of the realm. The ranch did not horde animals, but was infact, a ranch just by name for it's open space into the brush like wilderness of their un-gated backyard. They all lived their days as "passive spirits" that went by whim with no schedule or routine to follow such as meditating or listening to "nature spirits" as they came and went. MS and his siblings only knew of the outside world by passing strangers who told of things like "steel buildings that towered into the sky" or "loud noises everywhere you can see!" While these stories amused his siblings, MS wasn't completely comfortable with it. Staying in the ranch with nothing but calm and open space sounded better then gates and closed off space from buildings.

This would soon keep him on the ranch; the last of his siblings to either go off on their own or find partners. Thier lifestyle called for rituals. Their owner letting each dog "feel their way" to the outside world when it came to them or if "their auras matched" a human partner they were allowed to leave as is their "dog destiny". At last, now the age of 2 (around twenty or so) with only his aging mother and owner besides him he felt pressure to leave.

"Go my offspring." His mother would smile with a wheeze in her old voice as she saw MS on the porch with one paw forward. "As my spirit is soon to leave me, I will be at your side all ways. Let nothing scare you from finding your partner in fate." MS left the ranch that same day with nothing more then the clothes on his back with only hours later his mother passing away.

From this day forward he keeps his stride in confidence that his mother is with him now that she's left her physical body. He hopes to find his one true partner or whatever destiny has for him.

[ extra info ]

- "Dont be mad-lookit my plaid!"
"Plaid is rad!"
"Cant be sad when you're wearing plaid!!"

- He's an array of color mostly because he gets these from donation boxes or alleyways. He's not one to waste clothes after all until they cant be patched up or fixed anymore.

- Has an array of flowers on his person all the time. His hobby is consisted of flower crowns and naming species of plants.

- While he has a small bungaloo somewhere he prefers sleeping on benches, parks, people's lawns and porches.

- Loves everything-fleas and all. Maybe this is the reason why he doesnt scratch or snip at the fleas he does have.

- Did I mention he's a smelly hippy? He is
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He lives for flower and plaid |D Especially flower crowns he passes out to people that he first makes from people's gardens whoops. OOh Im glad ; v ; ! His past was all about imagery-so I was hoping the name fit just right!

And ofcourse Id love to > v < He'd have some fun with your Vivo if he doesnt mind a blissfully unaware Aussie dog pfft~
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